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Yellow Colt

The Madison-Morgan Conservancy is the recipient of a very generous donation of 8 Fredrick Prescott sculptures by Conservancy members Tricia and Ben Carter!

These pieces are for sale in an effort to monetize the donation to support Georgia’s first and only countywide conservancy.


IMG_2356-2Black and White Holy Cow

Through the visual and emotional impact of brilliant color on moving steel Prescott produces larger-than-life sculptures, in which joy and animation simultaneously evoke the natural world and it’s imaginary counterpart. The dichotomy between the real and the fantastical leads to the creation of a captivating, multi-dimensional art form at ease in a natural setting yet with an otherworldly quality.

Since 1974, Fredrick Prescott has exhibited his work all over the world and created special pieces on commission for both private and corporate collectors, including Walt Disney Co., Porsche, Bulova, and the Chicago Bulls, among others.

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We are motivated sellers.

If you are interested in purchasing these sculptures, please contact us: 706-342-9252 or

Your purchase will help fund our work to provide public education on conservation matters, to protect our special places for future generations, and to promote conservation and balanced growth throughout Georgia.

  1. Mama Blue Horse & Papa Red Horse
  2. Holy Cows

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